Unit 1.1.2

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  • Unit 1.1.2
    • 6 Factors of Influence in Physical Activity:
      • 1.People, 2.Image, 3.Cultural Factors, 4.Resources, 5.Health/Wellbeing, 6.Socio-economic
    • People:
      • People tend to do the same activites as their friends or family, role models.
    • Image:
      • The media, whether sports are in fashion or not, clothing.
    • Cultural Factors:
      • Cultural influences are those that impact on daily life and are often out of a persons control, disabilty, gender, age, race.
    • Resources:
      • Access, location, availability, time.
    • Health/Wellbeing
      • If you are ill you will not be able to take part on a temporary basis. Some health problems will prevent participation in some activities but this only limits their choice and doesn't mean participation has to stop for example, asthma.
    • Socio-economic:
      • Cost, social satus.


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