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  • The cardiovascular system
    • The 4 components that make the human body
      • cardiac cycle- a complete heartbeat from the generation of the beat to  the beginning of the next beat
      • Erythrocytes- red blood cells, containing haemoglobin, that transport oxygen around the body
      • leukocytes- white blood cells
      • Thrombocytes(platelets)- component of the blood involved in blood clotting
    • What is the blood responsible for
      • Blood is responsible  for transporting
        • oxygen from the lungs to body cells for aerobic respiration
        • carbon dioxide from respiring back to the lungs to be exhaled
        • nutrients from the intestines to body cells
        • urea(waste product) from the liver to the kidney to be removed
        • hormones from the endocrine glands to their target cells
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      • Blood is responsible for regulationg
        • body temperature
        • pH of body tissue
        • volume of fluid in circulation
      • Blood also protects
        • platelets that cause clotting, to prevent bleeding and entry of pathogens
        • Leukocytes that defend us against infection


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