Unit 4-2.2 Discuss the aims of punishment

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  • Aims of punishment
    • Retribution
      • Pay back-punishment on offender as revenge for a wrong or criminal act
      • Punishment can be seen as display of public revulsion for the offence
      • Doesn't seek to alter future behaviour, inflict punishment in proportion to offence
      • Provides appropriate punishent to provide justice for both defendant and victim
    • Reparation
      • Offenders make up for the wrong the have done, doing so by giving back to the victim(s)
      • Offender often pays the victim a sum of money or giving back to the community by doing unpaid work by community order
    • Deterrence
      • Puts people off of doing that crime
      • Types of deterrence
        • Individual
          • Ensure offender doesn't reoffend-often using a suspended sentence
        • General
          • To prevent potential offenders committing a crime
    • Rehabilitation
      • Idea punishment can be used to reform or change offenders to no longer offend-live a crime free life
      • Can be seen in community sentences. include unpaid work or completion of education or train course and treatment for additions such as drugs or alcohol


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