operational performance

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  • Unit 3.4 ~ Decision making to improve operational performance
    • Capacity - a measure of how much output it can achieve in a given period
    • Capacity Utilisation - percentage of a business' capacity that is actually being used over a given period of time
    • Labour Productivity - measures output per employee and how productive the workforce is
    • Lean Production - approach to management that focuses on cutting out waste while ensuring quality
    • Efficiency - making the best possible use of resources to minimise costs and improve competitiveness
    • JIC - ordering stock just in case it runs out
    • JIT - ordering stock just in time
    • Cell Production - form of team working and helps ensure worker commitment
    • Simultaneous Engineering - concurrent new product development through employing cross-functional teams to reduce cycle time
    • Time Based Management - general approach that recognises importance of time and wants to reduce wasted time in production
    • Quality Control - checks completed products for faults by quality inspectors
    • Quality Assurance - checking products at each stage of production so no mistakes are made
    • TQM - target of zero defects through ensuring internal and external customers are satisfied


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