RS unit 2

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  • Unit 2
    • 2.5 embryo research  & hybrid embryos:
      • Embryo Experimenta-tion:
        • -Human embryos can be experimented on for up to 14 days.        ( They must then be destroyed)
      • Hybrid embryos:
        • - a hybrid embryo is a mixture of human and animal DNA.
        • - Some scientists want to place human DNA in a animal egg and use it to find cures to diseases and to get stem cells
        • It is against  UK law to create hybrid embryos
    • 2.6 Embryonic stem cell (therapeutic) cloning:
      • Key terms:
        • Reproductive cloning: The use of cloning techniques to produce a baby.
        • Therapeutic cloning: Another term for stem cell cloning
      • Stem cell cloning:
        • - It is  illegal in the UK.( when using humans)  It has been done on animals though
        • Cloning embryos for research is allowed but they must be destroyed after 14 days.
    • 2.7 Gene therapy and designer babies:
      • Key terms: .
        • -Designer babies: Babies with gender and characteristics chosen by their parents- currently illegal.
      • Somatic cell therapy
        • - This uses adults stem cells ( found in bone marrow) instead of embryos. It can also be used to treat diseases. Stem cells can grow new organs or help organs that are transplanted adapt to the body.
    • 2.8 Saviour siblings:
      • Key terms:
        • - A child conceived through selective in vitro fertilization as a potential source of donor organs or cells for an existing brother or sister with a life-threatening medical condition.
      • UK regulations:
        • - The contains of the suffering child severe or life threatening
        • - The affected person can not be a parent.
        • The intention is to only use the cord blood , not any other parts.


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