Unit 1 Lesson 3: Memory

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    • RAM
      • Random Access Memory
        • computer stores running programs
        • access to RAM is very fast
        • can be read from and written to
        • when computer turns off, RAM is cleared
        • too much RAM, go to hard disk
        • RAM is volatile
        • RAM is volatile
    • ROM
      • Read Only Memory
        • BIOS chip in ROM tells the computer how to start up
          • BIOS = Basic In Out System
        • ROM chips tell the compute to BOOT
        • operating system is loaded from HDD into RAM
        • data permanently held, even when the computer is turned off
        • ROM is non volatile
        • read only
    • Virtual memory
      • essentially an extension of RAM
      • space on a hard disk that is used as RAM. it is then transferred back to RAM when it is being used
    • OS
      • Operating System
        • when you switch on your computer, the startup instructions load the Operating System from your hard disk into RAM
    • Flash Memory
      • read and write
      • non volatile
      • used as secondary storage in desktops and phones


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