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  • Unit 1 - Health and Social care - Page 6
    • Marriage
      • Social effects
        • Positive
          • Happiness/contentment
          • Increased self-esteem
          • Feelings of safety/security/stability
          • Feelings of being wanted and loved
        • Negative
          • Less time with friends because more time with new husband/wife
          • Reduced opportunity to meet new people due to less independence
          • Loss of individual space as you will have to share facilities with new husband/wife
    • Possible effects on an individual's choices
      • Having a poor diet
      • Increase of alcohol consumption
      • Start to smoke
      • Drug abuse and abuse it
      • Less exercise
    • Possible effects of forming new friendship groups on emotional development
      • Increased self-esteem and self-image due to being a part of a peer group
      • Interested in appearance as they want to look like their friends
      • Feelings of guilt by not spending time with family
    • How redundancy can have a negative effect on someones social life
      • Loss of friends
      • Loss of social contact
      • Social isolation from others outside of work
      • Lack of money
    • Positive effects on emotional development as a result of returning to work part-time
      • Positive self-image
      • Happier
      • Increased confidence/self-esteem


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