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  • Unit 1 - Health and Social Care - Page 5
    • Expected and Unexpected Life Events
      • Expected
        • Leaving School
        • Moving house
        • Entering employment
        • Parenthood
        • Living with a partner
        • Marriage/Civil Partnership
        • Retirement
        • Starting school
        • Leaving School
      • Unexpected
        • Death of relative
        • Accident/injury
        • Ill health e.g cancer
        • Exclusions/dropping out of education
        • Promotion
        • Imprisonment
        • Unemplyment
        • Death of partner
      • Difference between expected and unexpected life events
        • An expected life event is something you know is going to happen and you can plan and prepare for it.
          • Whereas an unexpected life event is different because its something you dont know its going to happen and you cant plan and prepare for it.
    • Informal and Formal support
      • Formal Support
        • Support coming from people who are trained and skilled at what they do and also typically paid
          • For example, doctors, nurses, counsellors and district nurses.
        • The specialist training they receive means that they have knowledge and experience to help other handle life events that they never have experience before
    • 2 professionals who could support someone who has lost a lifelong partner
      • A GP or bereavement counsellor
        • You might need help if you:
          • Can't get out of bed
          • Neglect yourself and family
            • E.G don't eat properly
          • Feel you can't go on without the person you lost
          • The feeling is so strong that it's affecting the rest of your life
            • E.G you can't go to work or taking your anger on others
          • A GP can put you in contact with a the local bereavement counsellor
          • Might turn to drugs and alcohol so they might need help to cut down on alcohol


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