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  • Unit 1 - health and social care - page 4
    • Psychological Factors
      • Having positive relationships with others is important
      • They help with times in our lives we need the support from family and friends to get through hard times
      • For example, some children grow up in care and may have a negative idea on their self-esteem as they are different from other children
    • Stress
      • Stress experienced at any life stage and affects emotional development as causes negative feelings
      • Physical: Appetite/digestion impaired leads to loss of weight
      • Intellectual: can't concentate-unfinished tasks/memory decreases
      • Emotional: feel unhappy and may lead to depression
      • Social: Affect social development if it causes difficulties in relationships with others
    • Growing up in care
      • More likely to be excluded from school and achieve fewer and lower grade qualifications.
      • They have to deal with sexual peer pressure and puberty with no parental role models
      • More likely to experience teenage pregnancies
      • Worry about prejudice from others who may view them negativley
      • Supportive foster parents and teachers can provide stability for the child
    • Relationships with family
      • Parents give their children security and accept them for who they are and this is known as unconditional acceptance
      • Family is important because:
        • Provides you with education and socialisation
        • Supports you emotionally and financially
        • Protects your health and well being through care and guidance
    • Friendship patterns
      • Important for growth and development
      • Having positive relationships with others lead to the development of good self-image and high self-esteem
      • Most people enjoy spending time with others and taking part in social activites
      • However, friends can cause distress others by through their actions




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