Unipolar world of the USA-comparison to China

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  • Unipolar world of the USA
    • Military spending
      • Today the USA is more dominant than ever in terms of its military spending, with China being a distant second.
      • $37 out of every $100 spent in the military is from the US.
      • Includes military allies (e.g. NATO0 and bases (e.g. Guantanamo Bay, Cuba).
      • US military technology
        • Developing new technologies before competetors do
          • F-22 Raptor:The USA has 190, at $150 mill. each. China and Russia are developing their own (Sukhol T50 and Chengdu J20) but the USA's even more advanced F-13 will enter service before either of these.
          • Gerald R Ford class aircraft carriers:The USA is building 2 to replace the older Nimitz class carriers, of which it has 10. No other country has more than 1 equivalent, operational aircraft carrier.
          • Combat drones:The USA may have 7000+ drones, some for surveillance and others for combat. Others are catching up, but drones allow the USA to extend its military reach without endangering its military personnel.
          • Research: About $80 bn of the $680 bn USA annual military budget goes on research, development and testing. Same as Russia's entire military budget, and just less than half of China's.
    • Economic superpower
      • By 1900, the USA had taken over from Britian as the world's largest economy:
        • By 1940, it was the world's largest manufacturer of industrial and consumer good.
        • It produced the goods ad finance to help rebuild Europe after the devestation of WWII.
        • The US $ was the World's major currency by 1950; 60% of all global bank reserves were held in $.
        • The USA now produces over 25% of global GDP
        • Military dominates global arms and defence spending.
    • USA's unipolar world VS China
      • Despite China's very rapid economic growth since 1990, there is a strong argument in favour  of the world being unipolar
        • Terms like 'hyperpower' and 'hegemon' are  used to describe the USA.
          • One that can dominate over all nations in every sphere of activity- militarily, culturally economically, e=diplomatically.
            • Counter- the 'messy' geopolitics in many parts of the world show that the USA's global authority has limits i.e.Afghanistan & Pakistan, North Korea, Israel and Palestine
      • Economy: GDP per capita (2012)- China's was $9,100 and USA's $49,800.
        • China has a surplus of $214bn (world's largest); USA has a debt of $ 487bn (world's largest)
      • Top global brand (brand value, 2013)- USA= Apple's value is $ 185.1bn and China mobile's value is $55.4bn.
      • Population (2013)- China's is 1.35bn and USA's is 316.7mill.
      • GDP growth (2012)- China's is 7.8% and USA's is 2.2%
      • Renewable energy production- China's share of renewables in the global primary energy supply is 15.6% and USA's is 4.2%


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