Uneven Development

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  • Uneven Development
    • Historical
      • Traditional societies might reject new ideas/ materials and goods.
      • Colonization and industrialization.
    • Economic
      • Technology- for example, railway, electricity, internet.
      • Healthcare- disease and access to vaccines.
    • Political
      • Global links
        • Membership of international groups, e.g UN, EU
      • Democracy, right to vote.
      • Trade
        • Investment Dependency Growth of TNCs
        • Fair on unfair trade. Debt.
      • War corruption
    • Physical
      • Climate
        • Some climates will attract tourism, e.g. tropical beaches
        • Extreme climates (such as hot and cold deserts) will limit industry and affect health
      • Location and terrain
        • Landlocked countries may find trade with distant countries more difficult
        • Steep mountainous, rock terrain is more difficult to build on and limits farming.
      • Natural Resources
        • Access to safe water for health
        • Fuel sources such as coal, oil, natural gas
      • Natural Hazards
        • Some benefits from volcanic ash and minerals, floodwaters bring rich soil
        • Frequent hazards will damage buildings, cause injury, reduce industry and farming.


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