a mind map briefly explaining the different types of unemployment, their causes and possible solutions

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  • Unemployment
    • Seasonal
      • occurs in certain seasons of the year
      • skills not required, e.g: the demand for ice-cream decreases in the winter
    • Frictional
      • got skills but low demand for labour
      • can be reduced but not removed
      • improve information
    • cyclical/ demand deficit
      • negative output gap
      • demand side policies
        • decrease interest rates
        • decrease income tax
        • increase government expenditure
        • factors which shift out A.D
        • increase exports by making the value of the pound cheaper
      • low demand
    • structural
      • lack of skills
      • education and training
    • real wage unemployment
      • reject low wages
      • benefits are more attractive  than working for low wages
      • get rid of benefits


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