Understanding Microbes-B6

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  • Understanding Microbes
    • Bacteria-flagellum-movement, cell wall-maintain shape, stops it from bursting
    • DNA- control the cell's activities and replication
    • Reproduce quickly-must be handled carefully
    • Yeast growth rate can be altered by food availability, temperature, pH and removing waste products
      • Growth rate doubles every  10 degrees C temperature rise, until optimum is reached
    • Virus-small structures, protein coat surrounding genetic material
      • A virus reproduces- attaches itself to a specific living host
        • Inject its genetic material into the cell
          • Cause the cell to make the components of new viruses
            • Cause the host cell to split ope, die and release the viruses
      • Only reproduce in specific living cells
    • Asexual reproduction- (split in two) binary fission
      • Can reproduce on an agar plate, but all equipment must be sterilised (aseptic technique)
    • Bacteria are successful- some can make their own food, wide range of habitats, survive on a variety of different energy sources
      • Bacteria shapes- rod, spherical, spiral, curved


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