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  • Unit 226 Understanding Employer Organisations
    • Organisations
      • Private Sector
        • Exist to make a profit
        • Get profits from sales and from shareholders' investments
        • Profits are paid to shareholders and what's left is invested into the business
        • Examples include M&S, British Airways
        • Types include sole traders, partnerships, corporations, co-operatives and franchises
          • Sole traders
            • Business is owned by 1 person
          • Partnerships
            • 2 or more own the business and share the risks and profits
          • Corporations
            • public or private limited companies; organisations set up in order to run a business
          • Co-operatives
            • Owned by members - employees or customers. Profits are distributed to them
          • Franchises
            • When firms who already have a successful business enter into relationship with other business


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