high demand for resources

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  • high demand for resources
    • Water in western USA
      • facts
        • western  USA covers 60% of the USA
        • Western USA has 40% of population
        • western USA recieves only 20% of rainfall
      • physical supply
        • Low rainfall due to continental or mediterranean climate
        • series of droughts and high evaporation from lakes behind dams
        • excessive pumpin gfrom aqufiers and groundwater
        • forestry has reduced evapo- transpiration so its drier
      • human use
        • rapid population growth especially city development Eg Los Angeles
        • increased affluence Eg golf courses and swimming pools
        • expansion of irrigated farming - 80% of the water goes to this
        • large concerntrations of water-using industry Eg steel and chemical works
        • 25% of water moved is lost in leakages
      • outcomes
        • dams on the colarado
        • water transfers to the west via canals
        • new sources of weater Eg desalinisation and iceburgs
        • recycling water
        • charging more for water
        • more efficient uses Eg short flush toilets
    • Tin and Copper in Cronwall
      • facts
        • 1840-60 they were largest suppliers of tin and copper in the world
        • this lead to exhaustion of the resource
      • physical supply
        • vertical veins in granite- numerous but scattered
        • ore metal content quite low 8% so produces a lot of waste
        • veins went deep and some under sea and so needed pumping
        • hard tough ore to mine
        • found with valuable trace minerals Eg arsenic
      • human use
        • supplied much of the 19th century british industrialisation
        • discovery of elecricity made copper very valuable
        • by 1862 340 mines employed 50,000 people
        • cheaper depositis found in malaysia in 1870's
      • outcomes
        • mines all closed by7 2005
        • some mines are toursit attractions Eg Poldark mine
        • mining towns such as Cambourne have suffered un employment and out-migration
        • danger of hidden mine shafts


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