underachievement of Afro-caribbean pupils

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  • underachievement of Afro-Caribbean pupils
    • internal
      • teachers expectations
        • gillbon and youdel- expect black pupils have discipline problems
          • explains the levels of exclusion
        • steve strand- teachers less likely to enter them into higher tier tests
      • institutional racism
        • prejudice towards black pupis
          • trayna and Williams- problem s the whole education system
          • hatcher- school gov bodies
          • environment in which theyre disasdvantaged
      • ethnocentric curriculum
        • subjects prioritize British culture ignores ehnic diversity
        • Stephen ball- history curriculum
        • literature lesson
        • languages taught
        • uniform
        • timing of holidays
      • marketisation
        • competiton results in selective of their pupils
          • moore et al- puts some pupils at disadvantage, ethnic minorities fail to get into better schools, seen as problem students
    • external
      • lack of linguistic/ language skills
        • englemen et al- language spoken is ungrammatical, incapable of expressing abstract ideas
      • lone parenthood/ male role model
        • Charles murray- high rate of lone parents
        • chris arnet- turn to street gangs. promote anti school subculture
          • ultra tough ghetto superstar- rap lyrics
      • negative attitudes to racism
        • ken pryce- less resistant to racism, gives them low self esteem, underachieve
      • racism in wider society
        • discrimination esists and results in unemployment and social exclusion
        • john rex- school exclusion. unemployment and housing
        • david mason- unemployment and low pay
      • material deprivation


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