Unconventional r-ships

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  • Unconventional r-ships
    • Pelagia and Correlli
      • Unconventional in context; italian and greek in ww2
      • "Invaders should behave with more dignity"
    • Nick and Jordan
      • Lack of emotion
        • "You threw me over. But it was a new experience for me and I felt a little dizzy for a while
        • Link to Wolfshiem and Gatbsy
          • "I stuck with them to the bitter end. You may think thats sentimental"
        • Tom and Myrtle
          • "I sat down and cried like a baby. By God it was awful"
          • Controlling/ dominating
            • "Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand"
              • Class/unequal r-ship
            • To His Mistress going to Bed
              • domiating "off with that girdle"
              • unconventional to modern reader with lack of female voice
                • A Song (Carew)
                  • lack of female perspective and wholly aesthetic = unconventional
                  • "Ask me no more where those stars light"
                  • A04           But conventional meta- poem because written for intellectual coterie/ to show off
    • Pelagia and Mandras
      • wholly lustful r-ship
      • Feel like they're in love but M "isn't your equal"
        • "The trouble is that I can't be myself when I'm with her"
          • Class/unequal r-ship


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