Changing Urban Environments

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  • Changing Urban Environments
    • Urbanization: a process where an increasing proportion of the population lives in towns & cities resulting in their growth
      • natural increase also causes urbanisation
    • Rural-to-urban migration: moving home from a rural area to settle in a town or city
      • rural-urban migration causes  urbanisation
        • rural-urban migration is the result of push-pull factors
    • land use: the type of buildings or other features tha are found in th area
      • Central building district (CBD): main shopping & service area in a city. usually found in middle of the city so its easily accessible
      • inner city: area around the CBD
      • outer city/suburbs: area on edge of city
    • Traffic in cities
      • the numer of cars has increased, increasing the problem of traffic congestion
      • environmental problems resulting from traffic congestion
        • air pollution, noise from heavy vehicles, impact on health, unsightly
    • multicultural mix
      • Segregation: occurs where people of particular ethnic group choose to live w others from the same ethnic group, separate from other groups
        • reasons
          • support from others
          • safety in numbers
    • squatter settlements: areas of cities thats built by people from any materials they can find  on land that doesnt belong to them
      • self help: where local authorities help the squatter settlement residents to improves their homes by offering finance in the form of loans or grants
    • problems in poorer parts of the world
      • air pollution
      • electronic waste
      • water pollution


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