Uk - Ageing Population

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  • UK's Ageing Population
    • Facts
      • Happening in Europe / Japan
      • Stage 5 of the Demographic Transition Model
    • Benefits
      • Many older people choose to work after retirement
      • More availability for childcare
      • Encourage them to work so TAX can be paid
    • Problems
      • Not economically active, they are dependent
      • They are state funded - pensions / NHS
      • Falling birth rate - less people economically active working
      • In EU by 2050 there will be a reduction in the labour force by 16%
      • Strain on resources - nursing homes
      • Less is spent on other sectors
    • Solutions
      • Cutbacks on benefits and public services
      • Rase TAXES e.g. VAT
      • Work longer e.g. 67 in UK
      • Encourage immigration helps with skills shortage e.g. medicine, building industries
      • Encourage population growth e.g. Germany pay women to have more children
    • Why it is happening
      • Longer life expectancy
      • Better standard of living
      • Good health care
      • Healthy eating and diet
        • More awareness and knowledge
        • Medicine - aspirin
        • Heart disease awareness
        • Cancer treatment - chemotherapy
        • Growth of hospice / elderly care


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