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  • UK educational policies.
    • An official plans/strategies for education, introduced by government. e.g. through Acts of Parliament and instructions to schools.
    • Tripartite system (1944 'Butler' Education Act)
      • Used 11+ exam to identify pupils' aptitudes and allocate to appropriate secondary schools.
        • Grammar Schools
        • Secondary Moderns
        • Technical high schools
    • Comprehensive system (mostly from 1965) TO over come class divide.
      • Abolished 11+ exam - Replaced grammar/ secondary moderns with comprehensive schools.
      • Still reproduced inequality through:-
        • Streaming-> Middle class in higher streams.
        • Teachers negative labelling working class.
    • 1988 Education Reform Act (ERA)
      • Marketisation policy - idea of 'education market': -
        • Reduced state control.
        • Increase competition between schools.
        • Formula funding
        • Open enrolment.
        • Greater parental choices.
          • eg. League tables,
    • Policies to reduce Social class inequality.
      • Cultural Deprivation, compensatory education (CE)
        • Operation Headstart in USA 1960's.
        • Sure Start - UK focus on early years to stimulate children's linguistic development.
      • Material Deprivation
        • Study grants - Abolishes Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).
        • Bursaries at university.
        • Free school meals, breakfast clubs and pupil premiums.
    • Multi-cultural education (MCE)
      • Some argue black children underachieve due to schools not valuing their culture = low self-esteem.
      • Other policy's to tackle ethnic inequality including additional language support/ESOL
      • New right reject MCE.
      • MCE = Tokenistic - does not tackle racism
    • Gender equality and policy change
      • 1) abolition of 11+
      • 2) National Curriculum largely ensures both sexes study the same.
      • 3) initiatives, e.g. WISE (science for women) - encourage women into male dominated jobs
    • Special needs and inclusive schooling
      • Children with disabilities promoting greater inclusion into mainstream education.


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