Uk role in world

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  • Uk role in world
    • Uk media exports
      • Uk exports lots of media products such as tv and film, books, radio .this makes a huge contribution to uk economy of exporting over 17 billion. Tv drama services inflicted downtown abbey watch by 120m people reality shows- X factor watch by more than 360m people. Films- king of speech took of 400m at box office. Music - Ed Sheehan 14%
      • Global influence of media- most exported uk media are in English so people over country understand English. Different lifestyles and values of uk resident become more widely known. Seeing k psotively make people want to come and study or work e.g tourism in uk has increased since 2012 Olympic Games. Some people copy the clothes and hairstyles of celebrities they admire which boosts sales
    • Multicultural uk
      • Food  - resutrants producing different ethnicities foods attract people to try it outl different ingredients means shops specialise in certain food e.g London road in Sheffield have a large Asian community and lots of Indian and Chinese food e.g noodles and curry paste. As well as mainstream supermarkets.
      • Fashionable- shops selling traditional clothes such as saris African dresses mostly Indian culture attracts people o try it out. Middle Eastern fashion has become common e.g harem trousers and Kafitans. Hair styles such as dreadlocks encourage White British to try out
      • media- tb shows such as the Kumar’s and the younger.  Us I styled including soul reggae and dubstep all have roots of black African and Caribbean.
    • International organisations
      • Nato- North Atlantic treaty organisation is a group of 28 countries to ensure security. UN- United Nations maintain peace.
      • Ukraine  conflict- country in east Europe borderd by Russia. In 2013 Ukraine govt decided not to from trade links with EU this was unpopular and ukraines wanted to build a closer relationship invested this led to in 2014predident taking control of Crimea part of Ukraine and fighting between Ukrainian army


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