uk responses to crime

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  • UK responses to crime
    • prison (custodial)
      • period of time locked up, with no freedom
        • designed to protect society from offenders behaviour
        • may involve rehabilitation programme + learning new skills
        • Different types of prison depending on severity
    • Community payback (non custodial)
      • set number of hours of unpaid work
      • less serious crimes
      • removing graffiti, charities, fixing damage etc
      • order rehab
      • tagging (non custodial)
        • electronic tag that monitors whereabouts.
          • used to impose curfew,or to prevent going to certain areas
            • if broken, sentenced more harshly
      • fines (non custodial)
        • less serious, ex. motoring offences or low class drugs.
          • fines are depending on offenders earnings. instalments


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