UK minor parties

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  • UK minor parties
    • SNP
      • Scottish independence
      • Failing independencegreater autonomous powers for Scotland within the UK
      • Redistribution of income from rich to poor
      • Strong support for public sector health and education
      • Investment in renewable energy
    • UKIP
      • UK to leave European single market
      • Strong controls over immigration
      • Preference for British citizens in jobs, housing, welfare and education.
      • An attack on companies that avoid and evade tax.
      • RIGHT-WING
    • Green
      • Strong controls of environmental damage and strict emissions control targets
      • Large investment in generation of renewable energy
      • Radical redistribution of income from rich to poor
      • Radical constitutional reform
      • LEFT-WING
    • DUP
      • Strengthen ties with UK
      • Improve Northern Ireland infrastructure
      • Resist socially progressive ideas like same-sex marriage and legal abortion
      • RIGHT-WING
    • Plaid Cymru
      • Similar nationalist policies to SNP but acceptance that Welsh independence is unlikely for many years.
      • Similar social and economic policies to SNP


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