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  • UK, Industry Location.
    • Primary - Farming
      • Located in Cambridgshire, where ther is flat, land.
      • Well-drained soil wih summers at around 18 degrees and average rainfall.
    • Secondary - Manufacturing
      • Located at Port Talbot, Wales.
      • Good transport links - Rail, main roads and ports to transport large raw materials
      • Large, flat  and cheap land to build factoires on.
    • Teritary - Services, Business park.
      • Colbalt Park is a business park, a community of industries.
      • Wages are less than London's.
      • Not in the city but good transport links means Newcastle can be easily accessed.
    • Quaternary - High Technology
      • Located on the M4 Corridor where there is a direct route to heathrow air por and the city.
      • Located near universites as they need a high skilled workforce.


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