UK 2007 Tewkesbury floods

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  • UK floods 2007- Tewkesbury
    • causes
      • physical
        • rivers Severn and Avon meet in the town centre
          • both rivers burst their banks
        • low pressure system in July 2007 over England and Wales
          • wettest July since records began
        • little sunshine led to low evaporation levels
        • soils were already saturated due to high rainfall in previous months
      • low pressure in france (callais) moved northwards brinign warm continental air over england,
        • when combined with cool air it created instability
      • human
        • there are no flood defences in Tewkesbury
        • lots of the flood plains had been built on
    • effects
      • social
        • 13 lives lost
        • 50,000 homes affected
        • 850 families needed to stay in caravans
        • 140,000 had no water supply
        • 50,000 properties without power for 48 hours
      • economic impacts
        • cost councils £140 mil
        • total cost to UK economy is £3.2 billion
        • 9,000 businesses affected
        • more than 180,000 insurance claims
        • flood water contained sewage and crops destroyed
      • environmental
        • habitats destroyed
    • responses
      • good education in UK about how to act and respond in situation of flood/disaster
      • met office and local council suplly weather information
      • emergancy services well trained aqnd respond quickly
      • RAF helicopters used to rescue stranded people
      • when water cut off, lots of bottled water supllied


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