Udzangwa Moutains National Park

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  • Udzungwa mountains national park
    • Location
      • eastern Tanzania
      • covers 20% of the mountain range
      • Includes the ancient group of mountain called the Eastern Arc mountains
    • Ecosystem
      • endemic species
        • red colobus
      • 400 species of birds
      • 1/4 of the plant species are endemic to Tanzania
        • eg African violet
      • biodiversity remains pristine
    • economy
      • used to have an excellent healthcare system and educational system
      • 1970's thriving cotton industry
      • western world encouraged lots of countries to produce cotton
        • 1980's global over production led to decrease in prices
      • loss of cotton industry
        • farmers have a low income
        • cotton prices remain low
    • biodiversity threat
      • wild fires
        • extensive destruction to grassland
          • destroy habitats
        • can be caused by humans eg farm land or waste disposal
      • logging
        • low gdp so population desperate for money
        • logging is very profitable
          • price of timber increasing
        • decreasing the total area of forest for habitats
          • increases competiton for food
            • can decrease species population
      • illegal pet trade
        • ploughshare tortoise
          • becoming threatened species
        • affects food chains
          • reduces predators food source
            • prey may expand and over power the environment
          • unbalance the ecosystem
      • over grazing
        • ground becomes exposed to soil erosion
          • greatly reduces ability for vegetation to grow
    • Management
      • agricultural diversification
        • bee keeping, poultry and vegetable farming
          • provide employment
          • reduce dependency on cotton
      • reduce logging with strict fire control measures
        • increase biomass
      • NGOS such as WWF educate locals
        • bottom up strategy
        • locals can see they have a more reliable source of water and the sol is more fertile for farming
          • help to raise awareness of conservation so strategies will be continued in the future
          • more likely to act in a sustainable way
      • balancing social, cultural and environmental needs
      • mara river exploited
        • agriculture. hydro electricity production drinking water
        • locals have priority
        • increase threatened species
        • more forest fires
      • small proportion is protected
      • 25% of locals use fire wood from trees they've planted, reducing deforestation


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