U A Fanthorpe

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  • U A Fanthorpe
    • Canal: 1977
      • Title provides both a physical and a time setting - The poem evokes ideas about past and present
      • We gain a sense of  place affected by the passing of time; "gutted pub"
      • Speaker places herself in the poem right at the start - Compare with Larkin and Church Going
      • Repetition of stative verb "I remember" - an opposition between past and present is created by the immediate physical setting
      • A sense of Nature always being there even when human enterprises fail - "trees and grass waiting to take over"
      • Contrast between words such as "enjoy" and "savage"
      • Opposition of life and death is created - Fanthorpe uses imagery of the ordinary and the everyday to raise  ideas about what the canals represent to humanity
      • Links to nostalgic attitudes towards the misuse of the tunnel today and is quite pastoral as we see Fanthorpe's nostalgia for something that was once used to make use of nature and natural forces
    • Horticultural Show
      • Title - a noun "Show" referring to an event or a verb meaning to reveal or display?
      • Connotations of horticultural - Gardens and growth of plants, linking with the pastoral genre
      • There is a speaker but direct attention is not drawn to themselves
      • Show is full of activity- By contrast inside the tent veg are being prepared for the winter
      • Use of Greek myth of Persephone - a goddess associated with the cycle of the seasons and queen of the underworld
      • Vegetables have been personified; leeks are "exhausted", beetroot's have "bleeding hearts". Creates humour, dark and light contrasts evoked
      • Through the language; "slow dream of winter", Fanthorpe evokes a sense of reassurance - presence of fruits means winter shan't be feared
      • Religious imagery, connoting innocence and suffering; "pure white", "bread", "sacrifice" - also connotations of shared experience, as with a communion
      • Unusual terms used to refer to the preparation of veg - potatoes are "holystoned"
      • Reference to suffering - "heart of darkness", "these entrails", "leaning exhausted", "bleeding hearts", "disguised as children"
      • Use of colour for description - green, orange, pink, "Sepia"
    • Stanton Drew
      • Definite impression of a speaker in poem, this is done by directing another person using an imperative mood
      • Anti-pastoral opening, "dismantle"
      • Physical specific setting used; "Maes Knoll", nostalgic
      • Gain a sense of what's unchanging; "river" and "sky"in contrast to "roads" and "houses"
      • Imperative mood, 8 different instructions; "Listen", "Stand". Fanthorpe interacting with audience
      • Personifies the natural things such as the; "moon's footsteps"


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