U2 Networks

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      • WAN
        • A network where computers use a 3rd party network to communicate
        • Usually spans a large geographical area
      • MAC Addressing
        • A Media Access Control (MAC) address is assigned to each Network Interface Card (NIC) by the manufacturer
        • Every networked device in the world has a unique MAC Address
        • USES
          • The actual geographical location can b e found via IP Address but the MAC never changes
    • LAN
      • Advantages + positives
        • Viruses may be able to infiltrate the network and affect every computer
        • You can access files form any computer in the network
        • Managing a large network can be complicated
        • Purchasing network hardware is expensive
        • Sharing resources such as printers save money
      • A network that is geographically contained to one business or site
        • STAR
          • All nodes connect to each other indirectly via switches which acts as a central point where all communication passes
          • A failure in one node or link it does not affect the others
          • Tend to have higher performance as there are fewer data clashes
          • Requires additional hardware such as switch
          • If the central switch goes down the whole network does
        • MESH
          • Each node is connected at least another. Nodes are capable of sending and receiving and act as a relay passing on data
          • New nodes and modification can occur w/o disrupting the network
          • Multiple connections mean that each node can transmit to and receive form more than one node simultaneously
          • Can be expensive to install cabling if wired network
          • Many connections requires difficult maintenance
        • A router sends data packets on their way in the best direction
        • HUB
          • Central, multi-plug adaptor for computers and printers in a network
          • When a packet of data is received, it broadcasts the packet to all network devices
        • Switch
          • Smart multi-plug adaptor that only sends packets to intended recipient using MAC
          • Reduces network traffic and increases speed
      • Ethernet
        • Refers to a family of standard local networking protocols or rules.
          • These describe how devices should format data ready for transmission between computers on the same network.
    • Protocols and layers
      • HTTP
        • Used for accessing and receiving web pages in the form of HTML files on the internet
          • The protocol requests the web server to upload the requested web page to the user's browser
      • HTTPS
        • Encrypts the info so that it cant be understood if it is hacked
      • FTP
        • Used for sending or retrieving files to or from a remote server or computer. Governs transmission of files across a network and internet
        • File Transfer Protocol
      • SMTP
        • Governs the transmission of  email over a network to a mail server




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