Typhoon Haiyan

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  • Typhoon Haiyan
    • Immediate Response
      • 1,069 emergency shelters set up in public buildings
      • The Disaster Emergency Committee helped 3,316,500 people outside these centres by providing aud
      • The Philippines Red Cross delivered basic food aid
      • French, Belgian and Israeli set up field hospitals to help the injured
      • UK government sent shelter kits each able to provide emergency shelter for a family
    • Primary Impacts
      • 314 km/h wind speeds
      • At least 6340 killed
      • 5m storm surge
      • 90% of buildings in Tacloban and 30,000 fishing boats destroyed
      • Habitats and crops destroyed
      • Over 600,000 displaced and 40,000 homes destroyed
      • Over 400mm of rainfall caused widespread floding
    • Long term Response
      • UN appeal raised $ 300m
      • Typhoon warning systems have been improved
      • Rebuilding of roads bridges and airport facilities
      • Rice farming and fishing quickly reestablished. Coconut production - where trees take 5 years to bear fruit - will take longer
      • More cyclone shelters built to accomodate people evacuated from coastal areas
    • Secondary Impacts
      • $14 bn in damages, flooding caused landslides and bloacked roads cutting off aid to remote areas
      • Water supply contaminated by sanitation
        • Spread of water borne disease
      • 130,000 homes destroyed, leaving 4.2 milllion homeless
      • Looting and violence broke out in Tacloban
      • 14 mpeople affected, 15 m lost their main source of income
    • Key Facts
      • 8th November 2013
      • Philippines


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