Typhoon Haiyan

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  • Typhoon Haiyan
    • Key Facts
      • 4:40 in the morning
        • People would still be alseep - slower response
        • November 8th 2013
      • Hit the Philippines
      • Wind speeds of up to 314km per hour
    • Primary Effects
      • 6,190 people killed
        • Social impacts
          • Sense of loss in the community
          • Grief caused among close friends and family
        • Economic impacts
          • Large number of working population killed - lower income
      • 1.1 million tonnes of crops destroyed
        • Coconut, rice and sugarcane production make up 12.7% of the Philippines' income
        • About 25% of the working population in the Philippines works in the primary / agricultural sector
          • Major loss in overall income
            • Coconut, rice and sugarcane production make up 12.7% of the Philippines' income
            • Difficult to repair damage
      • 90% of the city Tacloban was destroyed
        • Airports damaged and roads blocked
          • Difficult to reach certain areas to provide aid
      • 400 millimetres of heavy rainfall flooded 1km inland
        • The Philippines is an archepelaigo - many small islands would be flooded
    • Secondary Impacts
      • 4.1 million made homeless
      • Damage to rice cost $53 million
        • Difficult to repair damage and replenish lost harvest
        • Reduced tourism
          • Loss of income
            • Difficult to repair damage and replenish lost harvest
        • Rice prices risen by 11.9%
          • 8 killed in stampede for rice supplies
      • 3/4 of farmers and fishers lost their income
        • Loss of income
        • 800,000 litre oil leak in Lloilo
          • Washed ashore contaminating 10 hectares of mangrove
        • Water supplies contaminated by seawater and sewage
          • Waterborne diseases such as cholera
          • Increases risk of infectioin
      • Immediate Response
        • HMS Illustrious assissted about 40,000 people
          • Provides 15,869 taraullins
          • Provided 142 tonnes of food
          • Able to process fresh water
            • Decrease number of cases of disease from waterborne illnesses
        • Authorities evacuated 800,000 people
        • People tried to take refuge in a stadium in Tacloban, but were drowned when it flooded
        • After main airport reopened, emergency aid sent out after 3 days
          • Over 1 million food packs and 250,000 litres of water distributed within 2 weeks
          • Govornment sent out supplies and medical aid, although in one region these were washed away
        • 33 countries and national organisations sent help
          • Big companies such as FIFA raised awareness
      • Long-term Response
        • In July 2014, the Filipino govornment worked towards rebuilding homes with upgraded features to withstand future disasters
        • Mangroves replanted
        • New storm surge warning system implemented


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