how do we measure weather

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  • how do we measure weather
    • weather gauge
      • a wireless rain gauge which can be placed anywherein your garden
      • measures precipitation (mm)
    • Thermometer
      • measures temperature (c)
      • this device measures the temperature, traditionally these are made from mercury but now they are wireless
    • Barometer
      • Can be used to see if pressure is rising or falling
      • Measures pressure (millibars
    • Anemometer
      • Measures the strength/speed of wind (mph/kph)
    • Weather Vane
      • Arrow points in the direction the wind is blowing
      • Measures wind direction (N,S,E,W)
    • Hygrometer
      • Measures the amount of moisture in the air. Humidity of air is normally between 50-60%
      • Measures Humidity (%)
    • Sunshine Recorder
      • Shows the number of hours the sun shines for
      • Measures sunshine (hours)
    • Stevenson Shelter
      • Protects the thermometer and hydrometer from sunlight


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