AS PE OCR Skill Types of Practice

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  • Types of Practice
    • Massed
      • Learners practice continually without breaks.
      • long practice sessions
      • good for grooving in of habitual skills by experienced highly motivated performers
      • Suitable for discrete, simple skills.
      • can cause boredom, demotivation and fatigue
    • Distributed
      • Maintains motivation and good for dangerous or complex skills and continuous skills.
      • rest intervals allows time to recover both physically and mentally
      • allows time for feedback
      • because of rest intervals good for beginners and learners with low levels of motivation
    • Fixed
      • known as a skill drill
      • suitable for a closed skill as the environment is always the same
      • done so the skill becomes habitual
      • A specific movement pattern is practiced in the same environment
    • Varied
      • Develops decision making and the learners perceptual skills
      • the performer is able to adapt to the environment, which is stored in the LTM
      • Before doing a varied practice  a fixed practice should be done
      • suitable for open skills as the skill is practiced in many different environments
    • Mental Practice/ Mental Rehearsal
      • consists of building up a mental picture
      • used for emotional control, reduce anxiety and increase confidence
      • when the performer goes through the action in their mind
      • No physical movement


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