Unit 4: Forestry - Types of Forest

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  • Types of Forest
    • Taiga (Coniferous) - Canada, Russia and Scandinavia
      • Low evaporation rates - sufficient water even with low precipitation
      • Evergreen - allows photosynthesis in late winter/spring when too cold for leaves to grow and because low summer sunlight levels
      • Needle-shaped leaves have waxy cuticles and sunken stomata - reduces water losses
      • Low biodiversity - harsh conditions and little energy captured by photosynthesi
    • Temperate Deciduous - forests with equal length summer and winters - America, Europe and Asia
      • Trees shed leaves in winter - reduces evapotranspiration losses and damage caused by snowfall
      • Oak, maple, beech, elm trees and hazel, holly understorey species
      • Higher biodiversity - higher primary production
    • Tropical Rainforest - region close to equator where is sun is overhead often
      • Frequent rainfall, high light levels and high temperature
      • High biodiversity - high primary productivity


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