Energy Resources

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  • Energy Resources...
    • Types of energy
      • Primary
        • Energy that has not been converted or transformed from its original state.
      • Secondary
        • When primary energy is converted e.g electricity.
    • Renewable and Non-renewable
      • Renewable
        • Can be replenished at a similar rate to it being used.
        • Flow - constant transfer of energy that can be balanced = sustainability.
        • E.g. tidal, wind and solar energy.
      • Non-renewable
        • Can run out and can't be replaced for the foreseeable future.
        • Stock -  the world has a limited stock.
        • E.g. fossil fuels and nuclear energy.
    • Management of energy resources
      • Some resources are only renewable if they are carefully managed.
        • Wood
          • If techniques such as coppicing and replanting then it can be replaced ate the same speed of when it is being used.
        • Geothermal Reservoirs
          • Used to heat power stations - but depends on size of the power station.


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