Elderly Abuse

Mindmap for Elderly Abuse

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  • Elderly Abuse
    • Types of Elder Abuse
      • Theft
        • fraud, coercion regarding wills and any financial transactions
          • Financial Exploitation
      • Neglect
        • not feeding or washing the individual
          • Deprivation of basic needs
      • Financial Exploitation
      • Threats of Assualt
      • Physical
        • hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking, misuse of medication
      • Sexual
        • all unwanted sexual acts
      • Cruel Punishment
      • Mental
        • emotional abuse, threats of harm, threats of leaving or stopping care, lack of human contact
      • Deprivation of basic needs
    • Causes of Elder Abuse
      • Caregiver stress
      • Family violence
      • Pathological abuse
      • Substance abuse
      • Financial dependency
      • Physical dependency
    • Decubitus
      • Ulcer of the skin also known as pressure sores or bed sores
      • caused by prolonged pressure and usually occur when people are confined to a bed
        • low blood supply, pressure, friction, shearing forces and moisture cause the tissue to die
      • When left untreated there are four stages
        • stage one - ulcers progress from simple erosion to underlying deep skin
        • stage two - then to the muscle
        • stage three - then to the bone
        • stage four - sepsis (blood posioning) is likely
    • Dehydration
      • occurs when the body loses more fluid than it takes in
      • antibiotics can often contribute to dehydration.
    • Starvation
      • most severe form of malnutrition
        • malnutrition is caused due to inadequate intake or digestion of nutrients.
      • caused by prolonged lack of food
      • muscle mass shrinks, bones protude and skin becomes thin, dry, pale and cold.
      • no calories = no energy
  • Sexual
    • all unwanted sexual acts


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