Types of Delegated Legislation

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  • Types of Delegated Legislation
    • Orders in council
      • Made by the Queen and Privy Council
      • Made in times of emergency when Parliament is not sitting.
      • They get this power from the Emergency Powers Act (1920) and the Civil Contingencies Act (2004)
    • Statutory Insturuments
      • Made by Government Ministers for the area in which they have responsibility.
      • The Health Minister gets power from the Disability Discrimination Act (1995) to make regulations concerning the disabled.
      • They are commonly used to comply with the Directives from the European Union
    • Bylaws
      • Bylaws are made by Local Authorities and Public Corporation
        • Local Authorities
          • Make laws within their own geographical area.
          • Get their power from the Local Government Act (1972)
          • For example: in Bath it is illegal to consume alcohol in or near the town centre
      • Public Corporations
        • For example: the smoking ban on the London Underground.
        • Make laws which affect the public


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