Types of Attachment

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  • Types of attachment
    • Secure attachment
      • Caregiver leaves room
        • Infant cries
      • Seeks close bond
      • Reluctant to leave caregiver
      • Comfortable with social intamacy
      • Use caregiver as secure base
      • Able to function independantly with secure base
    • Insecure avoidant
      • Avoid social interaction
      • Avoid intimacy
      • Little response to separation
      • Do not seek proximity to caregive o reunion
      • Little tendency to cling or resistant to be put down
      • Happy to explore without caregiver
      • High levels of anxiety, avoidant behaviour, may be angry
    • Insecure Resistant
      • Seek and reject intimacy
      • Seek and reject social interaction
      • Immediate intense stress when caregiver leaves.
      • On reunion, show conflicting desires for and against contact.
      • May resist being picked up on reunion
    • Insecure Disorganised
      • Lack of patterns with social behaviour
      • Lack of coherant strategy for dealing with separation


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