Types of Attachment and the Strange Situation

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  • Types of Attachment and the Strange Situation
    • Type A: Secure Attachment (66%)
      • Separation Anxiety: Not likely to cry at separation
      • Stranger Anxiety: moderate avoidance, but friendly when mother is present
      • Reunion behaviour: Enthusiastic and positive
    • Type C: Insecure (ambivalent) resistant (12%)
      • Separation Anxiety: Immediate and intense distress
      • Stranger Anxiety: Ambivalent behaviour towards strangers
      • Reunion behaviour: Seeks but rejects intimacy
    • Type B: Insecure avoidant (22%)
      • Separation anxiety: Little response
      • Reunion behaviour: Unresponsive
      • Stranger anxiety: avoid social interaction and intimacy with others
    • Validity
      • Only measures one relationship not something lodged in individual
      • Primary attachment figure determines attachment type (monotropy)
    • Reliabilty
      • It is a subjective observation. However inter-rater reliability is used, comparing the ratings made by a panel of judges
        • .94 agreement between raters. 1.00 would be perfect.
    • Ethics
      • 20% of the infants cried "desperately". Suggesting it is not ethically appropriate for infants
      • Not meant to cause any more distress than ordinary life experiences (Ainsworth et al (1978)


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