Types of Weathering and Erosion

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  • Weathering and Erosion
    • Mechanical Weathering
      • Freeze-Thaw - Water freezes in cracks, heats to form water and expands.
      • Salt weathering- build up of salt crystals in cracks.
    • Chemical weathering
      • change of chemical compostion
      • Carbonation weathering- Carbon dioxide > Weak carbonic acid
        • Acid will react to rock containing calcium carbonate.
    • Biological weathering - Breakdown due to living things.
    • Mass Movement
      • Rocks and loose material down a slope.
      • Coastal areas retreat.
      • Rock full of water- heavier and more prone to mass movement.
      • Material can be undercut.
      • Slide- Straight line. Slump - Curved, rotated shift.
    • Erosion
      • Hydraulic action- air compressed in cracks due to wave force.
      • Abrasion- particles rub against the bed wearing away small pieces.
      • Solution- CO2 Chemically reacts with chalk and limestone to dissolve them.
      • Attrition- particles smash into each other. Rounded edges & smaller.


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