Types of Urbanisation (2)

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  • Types of Urbanisation
    • Transport infrastructure
      • Greenbelt has lead to an increase in commuting,
        • resulting in congestion on the main arterial routes in City Centre
      • Belfast Metropolitan area plan 2015
        • 20% increase in road traffic on major arterial routes
      • Road traffic leads to congestion and longer journey reduces economic competitiveness
      • Roads such as Ring Road Skirts on outer edge of Belfast with links to M1 and M2 help  this situation
      • Bypasses build around Holywood, comber and Hillsborough, other road widen also to add additional lanes
        • often these developments have taken over farmland
      • planners are more aware of pollution caused by traffic
        • attempts have been made to other transport (bus lanes, Cycle lanes)
    • Greenfield developments
      • Sprucefield, Lisburn and Abbeycentre have attracted to criticism from local residents
        • due to increased traffic and local retailers loss of income
      • Counter-urbanisation and challenges for rural areas will continue
      • Planners have to formulate policies to deal with demand for housing
      • Labour government allowed 4 million new home built on greenfield sites
      • Estimated 51,000 homes will be required
        • 9,000 built on greenfield sites
      • 9,000 of new homes will be designated areas
        • Carryduff, Ballyclare and Moira
      • Intention is to create balanced communities by building a mixture of tenures and specialised housing for the disabled


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