Types of religions

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  • Types of religion
    • Church
      • largest rel. organisation
      • claim monopoly of truth
      • attract m/c
    • NAM's
      • Borrow from traditional religions and reinvent them in modern terms
      • example being Yoga, feng shui and tarot
    • Sects
      • exclusive groups
      • World rejecting
      • Hostile towards wider society
      • Members are usually oppressed/ marginalised
      • Normally run by one charismatic leader (not bureaucratic)
    • Cults
      • World-affirming
      • Highly individualistic
      • Usually led by practitioners who claim special knowledge
      • Loose-knit and usually small goupings
    • Denominations
      • Attract w/c
      • World-accommodating
      • Accept societies values but not linked to state
      • May impose minor restrictions such as not drinking alchol, but aren't as demanding as sects


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