types of pastry

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  • Types of pastry
    • Choux pastry
      • Is a light pastry used to make profiteroles and eclairs it contains butter, water, flour, and egg. Its raising agent is the high water content, which creates steam during cooking, puffing out the pastry
        • E.g. profiteroles
    • Potato pastry
      • Is an unusual pastry but ideal for savoury vegetable, meat or fish pies, especially steak and kidney pie
        • E.g. keish
    • Filo pastry
      • Consists of paper-thin sheets of raw, unleavened flour dough
        • E.g. spring rolls
    • Sweet crust pastry
      • Is made with the addition of sugar, which sweetens the mix and impedes (prevent) the gluten strands, creating a pastry that breaks up easily in the mouth
        • E.g. lemon tart
    • Short crust pastry
      • Is a light, flaky pastry it is multilayered with butter brushed in between each layer
        • E.g. sausage rolls
    • Puff pastry
      • Is a traditional British pastry used for steamed and boiled puddings, roly-poly puddings and dumplings. The toppings can be sweet or savoury
        • E.g. dumplings
    • Suet crust pastry
      • Is often used for the base of a tart or pie. It does not puff up during baking because it usually contains no leavening agent
        • E.g. treacle


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