Types of LTM

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  • Types of Long-Term Memory
    • Tulving (1985)  - multi-store models view was too simplistic and inflexible
      • proposed that there are 3 LTM stores, containing different types of memory
        • Episodic, Semantic, Procedural
    • Episodic
      • Ability to recall events from our lives
        • memory of a single episode includes several elements
          • People and places
          • Objects and behaviours
          • Interwoven to produce a single memory
      • Time stamped
      • Have to make a conscious effort to recall - aware you are searching your memory
    • Semantic
      • Knowledge of the world
        • Encyclopedia and dictionary
      • Knowledge of an impressive number of concepts
      • Less personal and more facts - collection of material being constantly added to
    • Procedural
      • Actions and skills
      • can recall without conscious awareness
      • Memory of learned skills


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