Types of Long Term memory

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  • Types of LTM
    • Episodic
      • Declarative
      • Personal memories/ experiences
      • eg, Where you had your first kiss
    • Semantic
      • Declarative
      • Facts and appropriate behaviours
      • E.g- Crying at a funeral, or knowing that the capital of France is Spain
    • Supporting research
      • Using Brain Scanning technology, it has been discovered that when different types of LTM are being used, different parts of the brain are active
        • Episodic: Temporal & Frontal lobe
        • Semantic: temporal lobe
        • Procedural: Cerebellum
        • Brain Scanning technology is objective
      • Patient HM was able to trace a shape but had no conscious recollection of doing so, showing that they were able to use their procedural memory but their declarative memory had been damaged
    • Procedural
      • Skill based information
      • E.g, how to dunk in Basketball
      • Becomes automatic after repetition
    • There has been another type of LTM argued, PRS, related to priming, that has not yet been verified


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