Types of Long-Term Memory

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  • Types of Long-Term Memory (LTM)
    • evaluation
      • clinical evidence - HM and Wearing
      • neuroimaging evidence - Tulving et al
      • real - life applications - Belleville et al
    • episodic memory
      • The ability to recall events (episodes) from our lives.
        • 3) you have to make a conscious effort to recall these memories
        • 1) they are time - stamped
        • 2) your memory of a single episode will include several elements
    • semantic memory
      • This store contains our knowledge of the world
        • 1) includes facts but in a broad way and it is likened to a dictionary and encyclopedia
        • 2) you will know how to apply to uni, what oranges taste like and what words mean
        • 3) not time stamped (e.g. you don't know when you learnt what "love" means), it contins immense amounts of material that keep getting added to.
    • Procedural memory
      • this is our memory for actions, skills or basically how we do things
        • 1) we can recall the memories without conscious awareness or a great deal of effort
        • 2) e.g. driving a car - change gear without thinking about what to do
        • 3) it is harder to explain so if you are driving and explaining what you're doing, driving becomes a harder task
    • evaluation extra
      • problems with clinicall evidence
      • three types of LTM or two? - Cohen and Squire


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