long term memory

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  • Types of Long Term Memory
    • Long Term Memory has a pretty unlimited Capacity and Duration, so information can be stored forever
    • Coding is Semantic
    • There are three types of long term memory
      • Episodic
      • Semantic
      • Procedural
    • Episodic memory is a type of long term memory for personal events that you have experienced, such as a concert. It contains information about time, place, emotions felt, and details about what happened
      • These memories can be consciously recalled
    • Semantic memory is a type of memory stores facts and knowledge of the world such as capital cities, it doesn't contain details of where you learnt the information its simply knowledge
    • Procedural is a type of memory for knowledge of how to do things such as walking, swimming, riding a bike, this information can't be consciously recalled


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