Types of Long term memory

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  • Types of long term memory
    • Episodic memory
      • Contains memories such as thoughts
      • Memories that are episodic are usually based on events that occur in peoples lives
      • Determined by the emotions present at the time the memory is being coded
      • Tragic events are recalled better due to strong emotional attachment
    • Semantic memory
      • Contains the knowledge, facts, concepts and meanings the individual has learnt e.g. the capital of France is Paris.
      • It is related to how certain objects work and their functions e.g. mathematics or language
      • High processing that occurs when coding. This allows  semantic memories lasting longer than episodic memories
    • Procedural memory
      • Focused on recalling how do something i.e swimming reading
      • Procedural memories are usually learn’t through repetition and practice
      • Language is believed to be a procedural memory as it helps individuals speak using the correct grammar and syntax without having to give this thought.


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