Coast managment

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  • Types of hard and soft Engineering
    • Hard Engineering
      • Sea wall - concrete or rock barrierCosts - 5000 - 10000 pounds per metre
        • Disadvantage1) Can be expensive. 2) Can look unnatural
        • Advantages:1) Effective at stopping the sea. 2) Often has a walkway or a promenade
      • Groynes - Timber or rock structures built out to seaCosts - 5000 pounds per metre
        • Disadvantage1) Unnatural rock groynes can be unattractive
        • Advantages:1) Popular with tourists2) Not too expensive
    • Soft Engineering
      • Managed Retreat - People are moved away from an area, buildings are then demolished and the area is allowed to be flooded by the sea. Costs - 28 million pounds per km^2
        • Advantages: 1) A sustainable long-term management solution. 2) Reduces risk of flooding further down the coast
        • Disadvantage 1) Expensive and takes a long time to be effective. 2) Farm land is lost
      • Dune Fencing - fences are constructed on a sandy beach.Cost: 4-20 pounds per metre
        • Advantages: 1) Minimal impact on the natural systems. 2) Can control public access to protect other ecosystems
        • Disadvantage1) Can be unsightly. 2) Regular maintenance needed


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