types of experiments

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  • Types of experiment
    • field experiment
      • the independent variable is manipulated in a real life setting
      • e.g. summer camp
      • pros
        • behaviour is recorded in a real life scenario
          • more realistic behaviour due to natural environment-high ecological validity
            • cause and effect established due to manipulation of IV to see effect of DV
      • cons
        • they 're harder to control and features of setting could effect result
          • more difficult to replicate as setting circumstances are unique/ different each time
    • lab experiment
      • IV is manipulated in a controlled environment
        • high control of situational variables
        • pros
          • easy to replicate methods check if finding are valid
          • high control of variables, can be sure IV is only thing affecting DV
        • cons
          • results = not generalisable to natural settings- low ecological validity
          • participants  may guess aim of experiment and act differently- demand characteristics


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