Types of Energy

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  • Types of Energy
    • Non-renewable: Natural Gas (UK)
      • Used for electricity, heating and cooking
      • Most comes from under the North Sea. 60% comes from a pipeline from Norway
      • Other energy sources will soon have to be found to replace gas when it runs out
    • Renewable: Wind Power (USA)
      • Wind turbines convert wind power into elctricity
      • There are 16,000+ large turbines in California with many homes using smaller turbines
      • In 2015, 6.9% of the total energy came from wind
      • However, if there is no wind, then other renewables will have to be used to replace it
    • Recyclable: Biogas (India)
      • Organic matter (eg. wood and animal dung) is put into a pit and left to ferment
      • The methane collected from the fermented matter is collected in a tank
      • The methane is used as cookers in houses and in generators to produce electricity
      • There over 2.5 million plants across India


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